Plein Air - the AA

After a year of painting in the ‘Peel’, it is a logical step to study the Aa. The Aa rises in the Peel south of ‘De Groote Peel’ National Park. In 's-Hertogenbosch the Aa ends up in the Dieze, which flows into the Maas. On the other side of the Peel, the streams flow directly to the Maas. Together with Emelie Jegerings we decided to start the project to follow the Aa and its side branches through the seasons in 2020 and 2021.

Running water is an important condition for a beautiful flora and fauna. And that is what makes you completely happy as a painter. Since the Aa and Maas water boards have made large parts of the Aa (straightened in the 1930s) meandering again, you can see that nature is being revived. Nature gets its own voice again, and may sometimes go its own way. What nature itself makes is spontaneous, irregular and free. This makes it surprising, beautiful and atmospheric. I want to show that in my paintings.

The pieces of the Aa that were forgotten in the 1930s are quite beautiful, they are rough and sometimes even impassable; de Berken, Startkriet, the Gulden Aa, de Buundertjes and we will probably discover more of these places.

Paintings from this series are for sale, provided they can be borrowed for a retrospective exhibition in the (late) summer of 2022. I would like it to hang my paintings in places where it makes people dream away and reminds them of beautiful and nice places where they like to stay.

They are high-gloss varnished and come in a wooden hand-painted float frame

As a painter and lighting expert, I know of course that photos cannot match "real". It is therefore quite exciting that the painting will surprise you positively. The costs must be paid in advance, but if the painting does not meet your expectations, it can always be returned in the original packaging within 14 days after receiving it.

The painting needs to be shipped insured. The tracking code can be send to me. When the painting is received back the money will be refunded

This page is refreshed regularly, only the paintings that I can offer for sale directly are in the list.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can cash in via the contact form, by mail or by telephone.

An indication of the sales price: €200 - €600. The prices include the frame, packaging and shipping costs within the Netherlands. The deliverytime is in consultation.

In 5 days (October 2020) we made a walking and painting tour along the entire Aa.

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