Plein Air

Often things happen in nature that surprise and make you happy. What you can watch and enjoy for hours. Then I go out with my field easel, preferably with other painters. How nice it is trying to capture this feeling on your canvas.

These sketch paintings, mostly in oil paint, were made on site in nature and serve as a study for me of light, color, atmosphere, composition and technique. I used some of these paintings in preparation for a larger work.

Paintings from this series are for sale. I wish they hang in a place where people are as delighted as I was when I created them. They are high-gloss varnished and come in a wooden, floating frame.

As a painter and lighting expert, I know of course that photos cannot match "real". It is therefore quite exciting that the painting will surprise you positively. The costs must be paid in advance, but if the painting does not meet your expectations, it can always be returned in the original packaging within 14 days after receiving it. The paintig needs to be shipped insured. The tracking code can be send to me. When the painting is received back the money will be refunded

This page is refreshed regularly, only the paintings that I can offer for sale are in the list.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can cash in via the contact form, by mail or by telephone.

The prices mentioned include the frame, packaging and shipping costs within the Netherlands. The delivery time is in consultation.