Peel in fire

Deurne where I live is a ‘Peel’ municipality. 'De Peel' is an almost entirely cultivated bog area. What is left of it is now part of a protected nature reserve. Some would like to keep it as it is now, others would like to take it back to an area where peat bogs can arise again.

In 2017, the Peel made headlines due to a major Peel fire. Besides heat, fire is also light, so my interest was piqued.

In the time of my grandfather and grandmother, the Peel was quarried or exploited. My grandfather with the nickname Willemke de Keizer has also put peat on it. Peat cutters use the peat as fuel, not only for their own use, but money was made with it. This ultimately brought the beginning of a little prosperity in this region.

At that time the Peel was on fire almost every year, I read that in the collection of newspaper articles collected by Paul Theelen The newspaper articles at that time described the Peel fires so depictively that I, together with the photos of the fires from this time made a series of 8 works in 2018 that depict the different phases of a Peel fire.

These were exhibited in a solo exhibition at the town hall in Deurne in early 2019.

In April 2020 there was another large peel fire in the Deurnese Peel. The subject remains actual.