I completed high school (VWO, Peelland College Deurne) with drawing as an exam subject. After this I graduated from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. During this study, I took several drawing and painting lessons, aimed at displaying conceptual product ideas, buildings and people.

In everyday life i am a lighting designer. With original, well thought-out concepts I give buildings or spaces extra value and atmosphere. Light usually subconsciously influences our feeling, which is what makes it such an interesting 'building block'.

Light is an important theme in my life. Why?

Light is "nothing", but it makes "everything" visible.

Light is not matter. It makes us perceive and experience matter.

Light not only makes you see, it also deepens your feeling.

Light is also an important part of my work as an artist. I paint what I see, and I see because of the light. Sometimes this is the changeable and dynamic natural light and sometimes the artificial light that we can choose ourselves. The "translation" of what you see in a painting, is a learning process for me. It is not about the exact representation, but about the atmosphere what I want to convey.

Currently, I am also studying the techniques of felting. Wool and silk in combination with light offer new possibilities that lie exactly at the interface of lighting and art.