Light is Life

With the light felts I want to make the viewer (un) consciously feel that light is life. That light is needed to bring something to life and let it live.

The subjects that I process in my artworks are "living" things, or more scientifically expressed: organisms.

One organism (man) often interferes with other organisms. The organisms that are the subject of my felts have always changed. Broken open, cut, bitten or sawn, set on fire. With this, an organism often reveals something of its beauty, of its structure, of how it remains alive.

The living organism is shaped by the use of natural materials (silk and wool). These materials give unexpected, surprising effects that make the performance "lively".

The (human) artificial intervention that I have done myself is adding ART light; Diffuse light like the sky and directional light like the sun. In this way, the organism comes to life.

Human intervention on everything around us (life?) Is almost complete. There are only a few "living" areas in the world where humans have not yet intervened disastrously. These areas are called OER… .. there everything is as the creator intended.